Gregory Lee Schaffer

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Welcome to the Fine Art Photography & Oil/Giclee Paintings site of Gregory Lee Schaffer.

As many of you know, I am and have been a very entrepreneurial person from the age of 18. My professional life is comprised of being a"Financial Doctor" for thousands of clients across the United States and reaching various countries. I am the CEO and President for 8 companies, a Certified Financial Planner, Chief Investment Officer and Money Manager for my Registered Investment Advisory Firm. I have an Accounting Firm, Insurance Agency, Real Estate Brokerage Firm, Trust Company, Wealth Management Company, Dealer's License for Auto's, Boats and Yachts and a few other ventures.

 A big part of life to me is the sharing of experiences. photography has been a great outlet and passion of mine to be able to share what I have seen. I attempt to find depth and meaning in each subject I am shooting, may you enjoy what I found worth sharing.

If you see a piece that interests you, please feel free to contact me as I can make edits to each piece to fit your particular taste. Enjoy the site, thank you for visiting and have a blessed day!
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